UK Elite

UK Elite

UK Elite

Company Description:

Location: Cedar Knolls, NJ

UK Elite Soccer, Inc. (UK Elite) is a private company focused on providing a world class youth soccer experience. UK Elite offers team and individual soccer training, camps, club teams, international tours, and club services.

UK Elite has built a youth soccer business that has the ability to scale vertically and horizontally because of it’s wide range of product offerings. UK Elite’s frequency and quality of contact with parents, players and coaches offers consistent sales and promotional opportunities for family focused brands.

UK Elite separates itself from competitors with a unique training methodology and youth player development program.

Product Offerings:
  • Coaching
  • Camps
  • Residential Training
  • Football Clubs
  • Petite Training
  • Select Teams
  • Tournaments
  • High School Programs
  • International Tours

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